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The top provider of time and attendance and time tracking for small and medium-sized enterprises is Think View Web Design. Choose from full systems that include a biometric (fingerprint), RFID, or barcode time clock together with time and attendance software. Dubai time attendance methods.

The devices are used to install on the door entrance with integrated time and Online Attendance Management System to better manage multi-access points attendance control and duty roster arrangement. The Time and Attendance access control series includes biometric fingerprint verification sensor and technologies. 

By preventing employees from punching in for one another, biometric time attendance readers prevent time fraud and lower payroll expenditures. A biometric time clock offers a rapid, accurate, and reliable means to record “In” and “Out” punches for each employee because each person’s fingerprint, iris, voice, retina, face, hand, and signature are distinctive. That is why a lot of businesses now use biometrics. Recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of commercially accessible biometric systems. These biometric systems are based on the distinctive qualities of people. The system based on fingerprints is the most widely used, dependable, and effective one.

The majority of biometric systems store a template rather than an image of the fingerprint. A template is just a figure that is computed using different fingerprint properties. Such a strategy is preferred so that unauthorised individuals cannot sneak unapproved finger print photos into the database. When a fingerprint needs to be matched, its “template” number is calculated and checked against the database’s entries. Most systems allow for small wounds, chafing, dry, oily, and greasy fingertips. The other biometric systems are based on pattern recognition in the speech, palm, image, or retina of the eye. The Palm-based systems compare images of the palm taken from various angles.

Advantages of Automated Time & Attendance

• Ideal for businesses looking for a cost-effective, feature-rich PC-based time and attendance software and terminal solution. With these solutions, your business will get an instant return on investment (ROI) by preventing payroll errors and saving the accounts department’s time from manually calculating attendance.
• A sophisticated, user-friendly time and attendance system that enables you to automate timekeeping and attendance tracking for your business. with pre-installed setup wizards and streamlined day-to-day operations. Paper time sheets are fully eliminated by the Time & Attendance systems.
The system comes with credentials that employees use to clock in and out at a data terminal. The programmer that automatically applies your company’s standards receives employee punches from the data terminal in an effortless manner.
• Electronic time and attendance processes replace manual payroll processes.
• Responds rapidly to unforeseen changes by modifying timetables and redeploying workers.
• Accessible at all times via internal emails, providing agency heads, schedulers, and supervisors with the most flexibility and control.
• Unlike traditional electronic time recorders, attendance cards also function as an easily accessible identification card.
• Overtime criteria can be established to regulate overtime authorisation and cut down on unscheduled overtime costs.

Available Models

  1.  Fingerprint & Password Time Attendance System
  2.  Fingerprint, ID Card & Password Time Attendance System
  3.  Fingerprint, ID Card & Password Time Attendance System
  4.  Fingerprint, ID Card & Password Time Attendance System
  5.  Fingerprint, Photo & Password Time Attendance System
  6.  Fingerprint, Face Reader& Password Time Attendance System
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